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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stenciled Window Treatment

Our budget was pretty skimpy for this makeover, so when we scored a great deal on more than enough fabric to make our table skirt, we knew we had to figure out a way to have it double as a window treatment. It was boring white fabric, so we came up with the idea of stenciling a pattern on it using paint we had on hand from the table and bulletin board projects.

Cost of fabric = approx. $10
Cost of paint = $0

Not bad for a brand new window treatment huh?

We measured, cut and hemmed (again, using Heat N Bond) our fabric first. Then we taped the stencil down (with a piece of styrofoam behind it...which paint DID seep through onto) and started stenciling from the center of the fabric moving out. We decided to use both turquoise and black paint to pull the room colors together - I was worried it would bleed together as we stenciled, but we just used two different brushes and it worked out great.

We used regular old whatever kind of paint it is house paint. Not fabric paint. It worked really well and since I don't imagine Mom needing to wash it ever, I'm not worried about it holding up.

I have better pics of it in place, but I'm intentionally holding out on you...check back tomorrow for the big reveal!

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