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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Labor of Love

For my Mom's big birthday this year, my sister and I decided we were going to give her a Craft Room Makeover. (Yes, the capitals are in order. We're anticipating a call from HGTV with a TV show offer any day now.)

A little background will serve you well since I'm dedicating a whole week to the undertaking...
Mom's current craft/sewing space used to be the guest bedroom. Then she and Dad bought a condo, moved the bed and the side tables out and it became an empty room with an antique dresser.

A year later Mom found a ginormous (hideous) abandoned table down the street and decided it would make a perfect cutting table for her (not yet existant) sewing room. So now the room had a big ugly table and an antique dresser.

A few months later Mom bought a great corner desk dirt cheap from Ballard's Backroom that fit the space perfectly. Now the room had a nice modern corner desk, a big ugly table and an antique dresser in it.

Fast forward a year and Mom's room looked like Michael's, Goodwill and a pre-school classroom got together and threw up. Scraps of paper, abandoned sewing projects, clothes waiting to be altered, kiddie toys, random pencils, scissors and bottles of glue were everywhere.

I can only imagine the pains it gave my father each night as he passed it on his way to bed. (He's an "everything in its place" kinda guy.) And their precious cleaning lady had stopped going in the room altogether. Anna and I knew drastic action was required and collaborated with Dad to get Mom out of town for a whole week so we'd have time to tackle the project.

This is Mom's room on Day 1 - after several hours spent cleaning and emptying the room. Big ugly desk is front and center. I only wish you could have seen the mountain of clutter on the desk, the pile of toys in the middle of the room and the old red gingham checked curtains. It was truly breathtaking.

The Ballard's Desk - fits this short wall perfectly.

Antique dresser has already been moved to the closet.

This was our blank canvas. We gave ourselves $100 and 3 days to transform it; check back in this whole week - I'll be posting all of our projects and then the big reveal on Friday!


  1. Your mom must be from a similar era as me. When we were first married, we got by on very little. "New" meant - new to us. She can see the value of a cast-off table, and odds and ends that meet her needs. It is hard to just throw away usable items... they can be repurposed. Bless you for bringing order into her life. I am looking forward to seeing the transformation. I may do a post sometime on what we did back in the dark ages to "get by" without having to go out and by new. It is so good to see younger ones doing that today.

  2. Your posts are always worth the wait.
    I'll give you our address as I've got a nursery that will need decorating soon. :)

  3. So cool!! I can't wait to see what you an Anna come up with!


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