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Monday, July 18, 2011

Spray Paint: My New Best Friend

I've always been thoroughly convinced a can of spray paint can make almost anything look better.

As far as Mom's Craft Room was concerned, this chair was enemy #1. It clashed horrifically with our new glossy craft table and needed a paint job stat.

We primed using a roller and brush, but knew spray paint was our best bet for getting full coverage on the cane back and spindles.

We tried both Rustoleum and Krylon in Glossy Black. I wish I'd taken side by side comparison shots because Rustoleum beat the stew out of the Krylon. It was only 50 cents more and covered way better way faster. Just FYI.

This was my favorite project by more. Totally fulfilled my need for instant gratification. I'm eyeing up every piece of furniture we have at home now....what doesn't look good glossy black?!

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