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Monday, July 28, 2014

Things Pregnant Katie Says

We're getting down to the wire on this whole baby thing folks. It's 3am and I can't sleep. I woke up with a nosebleed - hello grody side effects of anemia whilst pregnant - and couldn't get back to sleep after laying in bed for another two hours.

In 48 12 hours I'll be laying in a hospital bed, hopefully enjoying some Ambien-laced dreams, waiting for the nurses to come in and start Baby #4's arrival party. I am SO READY to meet this kid!! (And also incredibly ready to have my body back, in all transparency.) B Daddy is SO EXCITED that he is almost done hearing me say things like:

"I mean, can you believe I can still stand up straight?!"

"'s all in my belly, right?"

"Holy cow being pregnant is hard."

"Can you do me a quick favor??" (tie my shoes, hand me my cell phone, rub my feet, bring me some water, grab me a tissue, change a kid's diaper, pour me a bowl of cereal, etc.) 

"Ohmygosh if you could just be pregnant for ONE day it would completely blow your mind."

"Do I look bigger to you?"

"Are you so excited for me to be done being pregnant?"

"Oooooh come feel the baby kicking RIGHT now."

"These stretch marks will fade, right?"

"I CANNOT WAIT to not be pregnant anymore."

"Do you even remember what I used to look like?" 

"It's going to be so much easier once the baby is born..."

I never require more verbal affirmation than when pregnant. If you're the praying type, please pray for us today. We've got one currently sick kid, two exhausted parents, three anxious/excited children and 4 grandparents who will be bearing a heavy load of kid-watching this week.

Stay tuned for a birth announcement. Thanks for your love and support as always.

*Update: after visiting the OB this morning, my doctor has decided to send me to the hospital tonight for an induction rather than tomorrow. There is a slight concern over something the ultrasound tech saw during my appointment. We're not worried, but there's always a little nervousness when the people in the know say anything is less than perfect. Your prayers are coveted, felt and deeply appreciated. Thanks y'all. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Kiddo Update #4

I don't know how Mrs. Duggar has managed it all these years. Whatever you may think of her and her 19+ pregnancies, I think it is simply amazing that she's carried that many babies.

I, for one, am OVER it.

I'm 37 weeks and a handful of days today and I want off this ride. I want #4 out. Out of my belly and away from my ribs and off my bladder. I don't remember feeling quite so desperate for the end with the other babes. Maybe it has to do with the summer heat. Maybe it's the recent hearing/ear issues I'm having, which has led to headaches and dizziness and the ENT and a general sense of woe-is-me, my-life-is-so-hard. Yesterday I literally spent 80% of the day in bed. B Daddy took the kids to church, to the pool and out to lunch while I lay at home on the couch and groaned and slept and wished these last few weeks of incubation away.

Speaking of the kids - the big kids are great. They are all really excited for the next little guy to join the team. It's been approximately 12 months since you had a proper update on their fabulous selves, so here's one last Kiddo Update while the count is still at 3.

The Squirt
Kid is 5 y'all. FIVE. Kindergarten age. 
Old enough to remember these days when he's an old man.  (BTW that paper says, "Spiderman can climb walls.")

Special Skills: drawing spiderwebs, riding a big-boy bike (no training wheels), showering by himself

Likes: precision, pickles, being read to, swimming in the deep end 

Dislikes: inconsistency, reading practice, not being able to do things perfectly the first time

Sweet B
Oh this daughter of ours. 
At only 3.5 years she already has so much life bottled up in her tiny being.

Special Skills: dancing "like a ballerina", telling stories (girl could keep anyone entertained)

Likes: "reading", wearing twirly dresses, giving hugs, volume 

Dislikes: dinner, authority, hair bows

Blue Eyes
Our 2 year old monster. 
This little guy is talking all the time and proving to be quite a playmate for the other two.  

Special Skills: a pretty decent Yoda impression, singing Let it Go, throwing a soccer ball

Likes: hummus, bath time, sidewalk chalk

Dislikes: apologizing, babysitters
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