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Monday, July 14, 2014

Kiddo Update #4

I don't know how Mrs. Duggar has managed it all these years. Whatever you may think of her and her 19+ pregnancies, I think it is simply amazing that she's carried that many babies.

I, for one, am OVER it.

I'm 37 weeks and a handful of days today and I want off this ride. I want #4 out. Out of my belly and away from my ribs and off my bladder. I don't remember feeling quite so desperate for the end with the other babes. Maybe it has to do with the summer heat. Maybe it's the recent hearing/ear issues I'm having, which has led to headaches and dizziness and the ENT and a general sense of woe-is-me, my-life-is-so-hard. Yesterday I literally spent 80% of the day in bed. B Daddy took the kids to church, to the pool and out to lunch while I lay at home on the couch and groaned and slept and wished these last few weeks of incubation away.

Speaking of the kids - the big kids are great. They are all really excited for the next little guy to join the team. It's been approximately 12 months since you had a proper update on their fabulous selves, so here's one last Kiddo Update while the count is still at 3.

The Squirt
Kid is 5 y'all. FIVE. Kindergarten age. 
Old enough to remember these days when he's an old man.  (BTW that paper says, "Spiderman can climb walls.")

Special Skills: drawing spiderwebs, riding a big-boy bike (no training wheels), showering by himself

Likes: precision, pickles, being read to, swimming in the deep end 

Dislikes: inconsistency, reading practice, not being able to do things perfectly the first time

Sweet B
Oh this daughter of ours. 
At only 3.5 years she already has so much life bottled up in her tiny being.

Special Skills: dancing "like a ballerina", telling stories (girl could keep anyone entertained)

Likes: "reading", wearing twirly dresses, giving hugs, volume 

Dislikes: dinner, authority, hair bows

Blue Eyes
Our 2 year old monster. 
This little guy is talking all the time and proving to be quite a playmate for the other two.  

Special Skills: a pretty decent Yoda impression, singing Let it Go, throwing a soccer ball

Likes: hummus, bath time, sidewalk chalk

Dislikes: apologizing, babysitters

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  1. I love this update. I especially like Ben's special skills. :) I miss his sweet little voice!


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