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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hi Nester Friends!

I had something exciting happen earlier in the week. The Nester featured a project I tackled for #2's nursery on her new site Window Mistreatments! Squeal!! Here's my original post for that project in case you missed it.

So if you're here for the first time from The Nester's Window Mistreatments site, thanks for stopping by! Leave a comment so I know you visited or follow me...thanks!

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Again, thanks for stopping by and checking out my Roman Shade project! I would love to see how yours turn out if you tackle the same kind of thing.

~ Katie

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week 5: Last weight loss update!

Are y'all as excited for me to stop blogging about weight loss as I am?!

We leave for our beach trip in 3 days and I'm happy to say the scale finally weighed me in under my goal today. 142.6 to be precise. Wahoo!!! Bring on the peanut butter pie.

"Gosh Katie, however will you reward yourself?!" my faithful readers might ask.

Fabulous question.

I thought a little shopping spree was in order. $10 for each pound lost as a matter of fact. Shopping at Old Navy really stretched my cash too ("spree" is still a relative term around here).

If you read last week's update you know I needed to pick up some new shorts - size 6 thank ya very much.

This beach bag was also irresistible. No heading back to the room for sunscreen, book, ipod or Kindle. No sirree; they will all be stashed away in my handy I'mAwesomeAndIStuckWithaWorkoutRoutineForSixWeeks beach bag.

How great is this chevron striped skirt? I've never been a "tucked in" kind of girl, but I couldn't hide this sweet waistband.

I also got a black sundress, and two t-shirts. Gotta love how far 3 20s goes at Old Navy. : ) I'm sure I'll be back before we take off on Saturday morning...but tell me now anyways: what are your suggestions for a great beach read??!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mothering as a Mission Field

I know we're coming up on Father's Day and so this is entirely the wrong time to be posting this, but I was encouraged by reading this today and thought some of you readers who are moms might be to.


Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week 4: Ugh.

I GAINED a pound. Cue booing and hissing. Wailing and gnashing of teeth. I was SO close!!

This is most certainly less motivating than all the losing I have been doing up to this point. I've been trying to pinpoint the culprit: increased muscle mass? a certain time of the month? faulty scale? Certainly the blame does not lie with the half-eaten pan of brownies in the kitchen. No, I'm quite positive I saw B Daddy eat one or two. Clearly not it.

Hmph. I guess it might take 6 weeks after all.

However, if you are keeping score at home please do note that bonus points have been awarded to Yours Truly for dropping a shorts size.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Muddy Buddy Champs!

This past weekend was a glorious one for the Brock girls. ;)

My sister Anna and I competed as a team at Muddy Buddy for the first time ever. 4 years ago I ran the race with B Daddy and ever since I've either been pregnant or have just had a baby. I think Anna competed 3 years ago and has had the same story since as well.

So we signed up, named our little duo HoLei Cow They're Not Pregnant! and then promptly forgot all about it. Until Saturday I hadn't been on my bike since way before Brit was born. Anna did sneak off to some trails a few weeks back and had her husband to remind her how to shift gears. Regardless, we enthusiastically jumped in the car at 6am Saturday morning and drove out to the sticks to get our mud on.


I took off and biked the first leg of the race. (Please note our adoring fans piled high in the Bob stroller, lower right corner. Special thanks to Mimsy and B Daddy for watching all 4 kiddos in the hot Jawjuh sun.)

Anna ran the first leg.

Basically, one buddy starts on the bike and after a 2 minute delay, the other buddy starts running. After a mile you leap frog your buddy and pick up the activity they just finished doing. Does that make sense?

Here I am running (actually hurdling...brings back fond seventh grade memories.)

Anna Banana on the bike.

At each interchange there was an obstacle to complete before starting the next leg. This tower was the final obstacle before the famous mud pit.

Finally getting muddy!

That's more like it.

And the best part? ....Victory!!! We won our division.
Total race time 49 min, 38 seconds!
(And the girls we beat were most decidedly NOT mamas. Not that I'm ridiculously proud of us or anything...)

What a change of pace to let my competitive side out for a while and to leave all diaper changing and sippy cup filling to B Daddy for the morning! I'm so grateful to live in the same city as Anna, it was a blast to re-live our high school days of being on the same team. Love you banana!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Breakfast Gone Wrong

I thought I would let the Squirt help me make breakfast this morning. My first mistake was letting him hold the egg.

After reassurances that we had plenty of eggs, this Mama cheerfully cleaned up the ick and we cooked another egg. Smart Mama that I am, I turned off the burner and moved the skillet to the middle of the stove (safety first!) as I added some blueberries to the plate.

My second mistake was leaving the spatula in the skillet. The Squirt reached across the stove, planting his right hand squarely down on the turned off, but still very HOT! burner to reach for it. No picture; but just imagine tears, hugs from a guilty mama, ice pack, magic kisses, more tears, more hugs and finally...back to breakfast.

Alas, it was just not meant to be this morning.

My third mistake was not locking his high chair tray down all the way. SERIOUSLY!? At this point it was starting to look like the universe was conspiring against a peaceful morning.

At least we have a dog.

Three eggs later, we had a happy camper. Just a typical morning in mom world.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 3: Still Losing

Fact #1: This past weekend was B Daddy's and my inaugural weekend leading 9th grade students at Buckhead Church, which meant a lock-in Friday night and then church Sunday evening with dinner afterwards.

Fact #2: This weekend I ate a pecan waffle at Waffle House, Papa John's pizza AND a double cheeseburger from Wendy's. The waffle was definitely worth the calories, but the cheeseburger - NO WAY. I was so bummed out when I realized how bad it was for me. And it wasn't even that yummy.

Fact #3: Facts #1 and #2 are irrevocably related.

This has all led to a personal revelation of sorts. Being involved in high school ministry is going to be very dangerous for my waistline. Note to self: eat BIG semi-healthy dinners before attending future events.

Regardless, I'm still slightly down from my weight last week and I have Zumba, days at the pool and a Sunday morning run to thank for that.

Start weight: 149
Current weight: 143.5 : )
Goal weight: 143

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Picture Window

I stopped dead in my tracks one morning as I walked by our front picture window.

Out the left side of the frame I watched a young father and husband hustle out the door and down front steps, off for the day to his newly acquired dream job.

Passing through to the right side of the frame, I saw a wife and mother walking a dog once again around the block, her morning laps providing refuge from the weight of the cancer ravaging her husband at home.

I stood still and watched them, suddenly struck by the very different worlds they were living in.

Yet they occupy the same world. In the same neighborhood. On the same street even. They shared the stage of my window for a brief moment and I pondered the privilege it is to be called neighbor. To be a part of these characters' stories if but for a few years.

As a stay-at-home mom my world can seem so very small, but through our picture window I'm reminded that it's full of incredible opportunities.

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