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Hi! I'm Katie, the voice behind this blog. You can read more than you ever wanted to know about me on the About page...aaaaand in pretty much every post on this site. B Daddy and I met in college and have been married for over 10 years. That hot man in the picture above keeps my heart encouraged, sets an example for our children and works to keep the lights on around here. Literally.
As in yesterday morning the overhead lights in our bathroom mysteriously went Pop! when I tried to flick them on. Me being who I am, I just gave a shrug and moved to the bedroom window to put on my make-up. C'est la vie! I told myself. B Daddy discovered the light issue and in the span of 45 minutes had taken the fixture down, checked the wiring, ascertained it was not the issue, re-connected said wiring, checked the switch, discovered that was the problem, found a new switch in his toolbox and wired the new one in. This story sums up the two of us rather succinctly.


Elijah aka The Squirt. This guy stars in all of the stories about the early years around here. I credit the road to becoming pregnant with him as one of the most faith-building journeys I've been on.  This kid likes order, Star Wars, brussels sprouts and accountability. 

Our Britain, aka Sweet B. My only daughter! She brings beauty, drama, and story-telling to life. I am so grateful to be able to experience parenthood through the lens of both boy-moming and girl-moming, such a privilege!

Benjamin. Aka Blue Eyes aka Benny Boo Boo. This kid is all heart. He's goofy, relentless and never far behind the older two. I credit him with making me laugh more than I thought possible. 

Jude River, aka The New Kid. This one has been such a delight. We are still learning who he is, but things we know for sure: he likes to be upside down, he never met a meal he couldn't dominate, his cackle is infectious.

Thanks for spending some time with me at Crazy Joy today - check out the Favorites page for more of my favorite posts!  


  1. I just spent an hour on your blog scrolling and enjoying. You have a beautiful way with words! Even though I get a few visits for a few minutes once or twice a week with you and the kids, I miss our hours of morning hang outs. It was a season and I'm grateful. With home schooling You are living out your family mission statement and I'm proud of you.

    1. Grateful for you Amy - so grateful all the time even though we rarely see one another or have "quality" time when we do.


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