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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Einstein was Right

The longer I experience this thing called marriage, the more I realize that time is most certainly relative. 

Right now most of my days are a marathon: will lunch time ever get here? Can I keep my sanity until dinner is made? If I can put one foot in front of the other for one more hour, B Daddy will be home.

After the dinner dishes are cleared, the finish line looms in front of us - we wrestle squirmy kids into pajamas, cuddle with a book, hug out a family prayer and it's bedtime for the monsters at last. Phew. I collapse onto the couch (usually with a glass of wine in one hand) grab the hand of this man who is encouragement and accountability and most of all love and give thanks for rest.

If each day is indeed a marathon, how is it that the years have passed so quickly? 

We have three kids. Never thought I'd say that. I've been pregnant or nursing for most of our marriage.  HA! Definitely never thought I'd say that. We're celebrating 8 years of married life today. EIGHT. I never imagined marriage was this good. How have eight years passed by? Just yesterday we were college kids taking B Daddy's Jeep out for a 2am cruise of Athens. Just yesterday we were honeymooning in Italy, drinking cheap wine straight from the bottle, huddled together for warmth because we never imagined Tuscany got cold. Just yesterday we were spending our Saturday mornings sleeping in and drinking coffee while it was still hot...

But the Lord has been so good to us. Marriage has been so good for us. I can't wait to see where the next 8 years takes us.

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  1. Were you wearing diapers under that wedding dress? Cause you were SO YOUNG!!! Ermahgersh. I was hobbling down the aisle with a walker compared to you young love birds. Me and Jack are like old love vultures.


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