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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

The Squirt has only been up for an hour and has already asked me to explain the timeline for tonight's events three times.

E: Mom when do we get to go to the party? (Our neighborhood pre-trick or treat block party)
Me: After nap time kiddo. You'll get up, get your costume on and we'll find your treat buckets and go.

E: Ok, so how many minutes are we gonna stay at the party?
Me: I don't know kiddo. Probably an hour. When it gets dark you can start trick or treating.

E: How are you and dad gonna trick or treat with us and give candy to kids too?
Me: Good question monster. We need to work that out.

E: We should probably take flashlights with us so we can find the houses in the dark.
Me: Yea that's a good idea. You can help me find some later.

E: Mom when do we get to go to the party?
Me: -sigh-

Here's a sneak peek of Squirt's costume -

If you've seen this Flash mask lying around somewhere let me know. We lost it about .07 seconds after we bought it. (Shocker!)

I finished up the wings for Brit's Tinkerbell costume yesterday and I really hope she wears them tonight. Just in case she doesn't, I took a video for proof they existed. It's sideways because it's 8:45am and I'm too lazy to figure out how to change it. Just tilt your head to the right as you watch it. See? Much better.

Happy Halloween!

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