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Thursday, February 8, 2018

That Time I Got a Job

Six months ago I said yes to a project.

A friend and I saw an opportunity to help a ministry we love do something we love doing. So we formed a company and launched a website and pitched ourselves as the solution they didn't know they were looking for. We ended up getting a three month contract to do work for them and I'm making it work by staying up late or getting up early. I'm figuring out how to fit "work" into the cracks of life formerly filled by reading or resting (okay fine - formerly filled by binging Parks & Rec).  And you know, we are doing dang good work and just got our contract renewed for another 3 months, yay us.

Then a few weeks ago another opportunity presented itself - a chance to do meaningful work for another lovely organization and get paid a little something for the effort. We figured it was a long shot, but my friend/partner is legit INSANE when she gets an idea in her head and she went for it and (unsurprisingly considering the effort she put forth) we got it. I'll get to tell you what it is in a month or so.

And frankly? I'm a little bit terrified.

In the span of a few short months I've voluntarily signed myself up to be accountable for deadlines and to do work that actually has an effect on other people's lives. Y'all. Over the past 9 years of staying at home, I have had practically ZERO accountability to others. I mean, beyond God -which is pretty serious- and beyond my husband, who is the most easy-going man on the planet, don't nobody tell me what to do. I'm the CEO around here and the only lives affected by my productivity or lack thereof is my family's. So having work to do for other people is a big change of pace. And beyond that...this whole mom thing takes a lot out of me. After a day of homeschooling I need to decompress like a diver coming up from the ocean floor.

So why on earth did I get myself into this situation?

For 9 years mom life has been my sole focus and it feels scary and strange and a bit unsettling to change what is so comfortable a routine for me. But I want to see where this all goes. In part it felt silly not to use skills I've acquired when it comes to producing and publishing digital content when there was a need and an opportunity to do so, and in larger part, I really like what these organizations are up to in the world. When I hemmed and hawed about whether or not I had the margin to take on these projects, BJ wisely asked if I would regret not taking these opportunities. And the answer was yes.

So FYI - I got a job. It doesn't pay particularly well yet but it engages me daily with people I admire, doing worthy work for the express purpose of encouraging mothers. Seems like a decent gig to me. I'll keep you posted.

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