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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Catching Up

It's been almost a month since I've gotten on here and updated things. Sheesh. The thing is, my camera isn't working properly. That's actually the reason Camping Trip Post #3 never happened. I have a big girl camera that takes beautiful pictures, but the pictures are no longer coming off the camera. It's an issue. And then my phone - my phone takes pictures that have this tiny thin green line running along the side of them. I Googled it and supposedly it's a hardware issue and I should take my phone to the AT&T store to get a replacement, but somehow that hasn't made it to the top of my priority list yet.

You can't write a nice blog post about your kids, or a fun visit to your grandparents, or Thanksgiving or Christmas or birthday parties without pictures, so I've just been avoiding this space altogether. But I miss it. So I'm here to write a post complete with crappy iPhone pictures about the last month and hope that I can find a solution for my big girl camera in the near future.

Here's an update:

The treehouse we started this past Spring is at 90% completion. A slide and some swings are needed to complete functionality...but the kids have had a lot of fun out there already.

B Daddy and I celebrated our anniversary with a completely kid-free weekend. It was so very very nice. I love the chance to just BE US without the parent part of our relationship every now and then. 

We went hiking at Kennesaw Mountain and very nearly made it all the way to the top. Maybe next time.

My mom, the kids and I went to Savannah before Thanksgiving  to visit my grandparents and mom's side of the family. I love these people.

We also went to the coolest (and coldest on this particular day) Children's Museum while we were there. Created in the shell of the old train station, the kids had a blast running around and playing with all kinds of things. This is a pic of 2/3 of the great-grandkids. Sweet B was NOT cooperating. 

Thanksgiving happened. My favorite holiday. Fried two beauties like this and enjoyed fellowship with my family all day. 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We hit up the Alpharetta Christmas Tree Lighting this past weekend and have our house all festivized for the season.

Hopefully I'll get the camera situation figured out soon and a flurry of posts will be heading your way this month. What have YOU been up to this past month??

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