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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Future's So Bright...

It's FRIDAY! Whoop whoop. I hope you have some particularly spectacular plans made for the next 72 hours. Sweet B and I have been discussing our weekend plans over some milk this AM. Sparkly pink star sunglasses help us up the awesomeness ante.

B Daddy is doing this ridiculous thing called GoRuck Heavy for 24 hours from 8pm tonight until 8pm Saturday night. Go him. There is nothing about this endeavor that sounds remotely appealing to me. The overnight low is going to be 25 degrees tonight y'all. 25 degrees. In Georgia. Poor man. He and an also-super-hardcore buddy are doing this thing, so pray for the two of them when you snuggle down in your warm bed this evening if you will. (Go ahead and file that under #firstworldprayerrequests)

I'll be man-less all day Saturday, and in the depth of my sorrow, the good Lord sent me no less than 2 party invitations for Saturday. That means I just have to pour cereal in the morning and then hopefully food + entertainment are taken care of for the rest of the day.

In light of the great sacrifice I have made so B Daddy can go out and prove his manhood, I told him I would take the kids to church Sunday by myself (so he can make up for a bit of sleep loss) and then I would be leaving for the afternoon. By myself.

Note to fellow wives: I did not choose the best time or manner in which to deliver this bit of information. Working on it.

I'm thinking there's going to be a pedicure in there somewhere and a lunch that does not consist of a PB&J eaten standing up.

What are your weekend plans? Last minute Halloween costume creation anyone? Anyone else rocking sparkly pink sunglasses at 7am? Happy Friday!

**Oh and that post where I actually tell you how our camping trip went? It's coming. Sometime. I promise. Technical difficulties with my camera. Boo hiss.**

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