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Monday, June 13, 2011

Muddy Buddy Champs!

This past weekend was a glorious one for the Brock girls. ;)

My sister Anna and I competed as a team at Muddy Buddy for the first time ever. 4 years ago I ran the race with B Daddy and ever since I've either been pregnant or have just had a baby. I think Anna competed 3 years ago and has had the same story since as well.

So we signed up, named our little duo HoLei Cow They're Not Pregnant! and then promptly forgot all about it. Until Saturday I hadn't been on my bike since way before Brit was born. Anna did sneak off to some trails a few weeks back and had her husband to remind her how to shift gears. Regardless, we enthusiastically jumped in the car at 6am Saturday morning and drove out to the sticks to get our mud on.


I took off and biked the first leg of the race. (Please note our adoring fans piled high in the Bob stroller, lower right corner. Special thanks to Mimsy and B Daddy for watching all 4 kiddos in the hot Jawjuh sun.)

Anna ran the first leg.

Basically, one buddy starts on the bike and after a 2 minute delay, the other buddy starts running. After a mile you leap frog your buddy and pick up the activity they just finished doing. Does that make sense?

Here I am running (actually hurdling...brings back fond seventh grade memories.)

Anna Banana on the bike.

At each interchange there was an obstacle to complete before starting the next leg. This tower was the final obstacle before the famous mud pit.

Finally getting muddy!

That's more like it.

And the best part? ....Victory!!! We won our division.
Total race time 49 min, 38 seconds!
(And the girls we beat were most decidedly NOT mamas. Not that I'm ridiculously proud of us or anything...)

What a change of pace to let my competitive side out for a while and to leave all diaper changing and sippy cup filling to B Daddy for the morning! I'm so grateful to live in the same city as Anna, it was a blast to re-live our high school days of being on the same team. Love you banana!


  1. Not. Surprised. At. All. But so proud. Love you girls!! :)

  2. Absolutely love it!! I'm proud of y'all. Great pictures too.

  3. i've been stalking your site since you first started it. i went to high school with bj.

    seriously, this post is awesome. CONGRATS!

  4. Rachael thanks for leaving a comment! I love it when stalkers come out of the shadows. : )


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