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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week 5: Last weight loss update!

Are y'all as excited for me to stop blogging about weight loss as I am?!

We leave for our beach trip in 3 days and I'm happy to say the scale finally weighed me in under my goal today. 142.6 to be precise. Wahoo!!! Bring on the peanut butter pie.

"Gosh Katie, however will you reward yourself?!" my faithful readers might ask.

Fabulous question.

I thought a little shopping spree was in order. $10 for each pound lost as a matter of fact. Shopping at Old Navy really stretched my cash too ("spree" is still a relative term around here).

If you read last week's update you know I needed to pick up some new shorts - size 6 thank ya very much.

This beach bag was also irresistible. No heading back to the room for sunscreen, book, ipod or Kindle. No sirree; they will all be stashed away in my handy I'mAwesomeAndIStuckWithaWorkoutRoutineForSixWeeks beach bag.

How great is this chevron striped skirt? I've never been a "tucked in" kind of girl, but I couldn't hide this sweet waistband.

I also got a black sundress, and two t-shirts. Gotta love how far 3 20s goes at Old Navy. : ) I'm sure I'll be back before we take off on Saturday morning...but tell me now anyways: what are your suggestions for a great beach read??!


  1. I like the "$10 per pound" thought process! And super cute skirt by the way. My only concern: is that an orange skirt with a blue top? I surely don't need to remind you that you are a red and black kinda girl. Anyways, I'm obviously not the person to come to for advice on beach reads but I read Treasure by Clive Cussler awhile ago and couldn't put it down. I figure it says something if I (of all people) can't put a book down. :)

  2. Awesome job Katie! And show off that teeny waist girl! As far as beach reading goes, if you haven't gotten addicted to Neta Jackson books look her up. The Yada Yada series is AMAZING!!

  3. good for you! i only have one kiddo. i wear an 8 or 10. where are you guys headed? i forgot. we are heading to panama city on saturday! (kid included thought)

  4. Anna - ikr!? I've convinced myself the skirt is coral, not orange.

    Erin - I've never read anything Yada Yada!! So exciting...I'll have to dive in.

    rachel - We're heading to Panama City Beach!! If you see 1500 high schoolers crowded into your resort, B Daddy and I are there somewhere as well. Pray for us. : )

  5. "Ikr"---it is a wonder I was able to interpret this. I need to hang with high schoolers more often!


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