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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pregnancy, Weight Gain, the Nursery, etc.

34 week selfie - my 6am no make up face cropped out for your viewing pleasure

This fourth pregnancy and just doing life around here has been all-consuming for me these days.

Getting up earlyish (which is the only time I steal for blogging) is still happening, but I find my mind waking up very slowly and I kind of sit in a stupor with my coffee and my Bible and wait for inspiration/encouragement to hit me. By the time I've read a few verses and mumbled out a, "God help me," the kids are generally awake and the day doesn't slow down until 8pm. One night this week B Daddy and I were both in bed by 9pm. Life feels very full right now.

I'm taking a nap absolutely every day now. Without one I am falling apart - literally FALLING APART- by 5pm. This week I've had a sweet sitter coming by almost everyday to help me, which means I've gotten some freezer meals made, my driver's license renewed, my toenails painted (yes, that's a big deal nowadays) and have been able to nap while the kids are up playing, so I can use their nap time to get things done at a very slow pace. Having this sitter has made me a better person to my kids and my hubs for sure. I highly recommend it towards the end when everything just feels like so. much. effort.

I have three outfits that alternate in my weekly rotation now. The above outfit (for the gym), a tank top + maternity cut offs (for the house) or tank top + maxi skirt (for when I'm fancy). I am so tired of it all. I can't wait to have a postpartum maternity clothing giveaway forever and ever and ever celebration. I can't wait to see my toes again.

This week was the first time I've ever felt light-headed in a class at the gym, so I've decided to stop my hour-long cardio/strength intensive work-outs and just do a Barre class and the elliptical plus lifting weights at the gym. This has been hard for me; the gym is an ingrained part of our routine, it's my social circle and is definitely a favorite part of my day. Up to this point I've gained 32 lbs, which means I'll likely come in right around a 39-40lb weight gain by the time #4 makes his appearance.

The nursery is getting there! I'm excited to post some pictures if we ever get it fully completed. (We're really good at doing things about 90% of the way.) I'm waiting on the arrival of some artwork from Etsy and I have one little DIY project I want to complete. My grandmother sent me a beautiful handworked quilt this week which looks so sweet hanging over the edge of the crib I just want to cry.

Next week we are taking our annual trip to the beach with our high schoolers, and once we're back I'd be totally happy for this little dude to make his appearance.

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  1. I thought it was rough dealing with ONE toddler running around while I waddled behind. I can't even imagine. Hang in there! The only upside of him hanging on in there...the longer he stays, the more fully developed everything is. Keep telling yourself that! That's what got me through my last four weeks. Of course, that was only my second pregnancy...I'm sure the fourth is a whole other ballgame! :P


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