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Friday, July 22, 2011

Craft Room Reveal!

Yeah! It's Friday at last. Get ready for a zillion pictures of Mom's redesigned and totally functional craft room. Of course we did the reveal Extreme Home Makeover style and had the camera out when we walked her into the room...

I think she thought we had just organized or cleaned it.

I'll give you a quick tour: The Craft Desk

Soup cans hold scissors, markers, colored pencils and brushes

Our jury-rigged paper towel holder. (Dowel rod + ribbon scraps + staples)

And yesterday I showed you how we created our own Stenciled Fabric Window Treatment

The Goodwill Gallery Wall
(most of the frames were found in our homes or Mom's,
but we bought a few at Goodwill and painted them all white to match.)

We searched high and low for interesting things to frame in the gallery wall.

This picture of my grandfather is a favorite of mine.
It's an odd size, so we bought an (ugly) piece of framed art (cheap) at Goodwill, painted over the painting with chalkboard paint and stuck the picture on top. I love it!

My sister embroidered this simple design on a manila folder as a child.
It's probably the only embroidery project she or I have ever completed.

The Sewing Desk

Wrapping fabric around scraps of cardboard is a simple way to organize and pretty it up

Spray painted diaper boxes (with a chalkboard label) became storage for projects-in-process

And remember these baby food jars? Now they hold buttons and bobbins.

So there you have it - 3 days of work and under $100. Thanks for indulging me for a whole week of crafting and projecting. I will share pictures of the kids and more poop stories next week I'm sure.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Other projects that we did as part of this room makeover are:

Linking up to Tatertots & Jello tonight...check it out to see a ton of other craft inspiration!


  1. It's so great to see it in all its glory! I am so glad (insert sarcasm here) you included a picture of the letter I wrote Mom and Dad when I was a disgruntled big sister. :)

  2. I love the first picture of the surprised mom and I also love the letter from an honest heart, even if they were "disgruntled". What a great job. Thanks for sharing

  3. Awesome job girls!! I am so excited to break it in tomorrow...we are heading that way as soon as Uncle Artie gets home from work.

  4. Well how sweet that you did this for your mom!! I would love to craft in this space:)!

  5. What great ideas! I love the soup cans for containers and that gallery wall is wonderful inspiration for a space. I'm sure she'll enjoy working in it.

  6. you guys did a great job! very thrifty! love the gallery wall

  7. I know your mom loved it but most of all she loved that you took the time to give her something with so much thought put into it! Love all the details...I'm sure she will love crafting in this space for years. Thanks for sharing, found you on Tatertots and Jello!

  8. Looks great! I like the ribbon holder the best!

    (via TT&J)

  9. It all looks AMAZING! I love the letter your sister wrote, it cracked me up:) The photo of your Grandfather warmed my heart too!

  10. This is fantastic!! Who doesnt love a beautifully organized craft room?!

  11. AWESOME!!! I will start saving all my cans for you...

  12. Your baby food jars remind me of something my Dad did in his garage - to double the storage area, he nailed the lids of half the jars to the bottom of the shelf above and just unscrewed the jars when he needed a nail or whatever. The room looks great!


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