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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baby Food Jar Centerpiece

Yup. You read that right.

We had 4 couples over for dinner last weekend and the afternoon of the dinner, I found myself looking wistfully at the dining room table. It was just so sad and plain. I set the table, but the place mats and solid cloth napkins were still looking a bit drab.

As both kiddos were napping, there weren't a whole lot of options on the table (hahaha....pun intended) for getting a fabulous centerpiece whipped together. Spending $$$ was also off the table (last time, promise) as we're working hard to stick to the budget for July.

So I went house hunting. And oh was the recycling bin a total gold mine! About a dozen baby food jars and a few jars that formerly held salsa and parmesan cheese beckoned to me from amidst junk mail and Diet Coke cans.

Washed, scrubbed and with votive candles dropped in, my dining room table suddenly looked much brighter.

It really looked pretty classy and elegant. Candlelight does that every time doesn't it?

And the lids? Two coats of chalkboard paint transformed them from trash to re-usable place cards.

How's that for recycling?!

Thanks to Nike at Choose to Thrive for the inspiration, she always "rocks what she's got" rather than buying new.

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