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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hump Day Randomness

How is it Wednesday already?

We had a busy family weekend and while it was good and fun it was oh so exhausting. B Daddy and I both looked at each other Sunday night with a, "how is it over already?" expression as we climbed into bed. Somehow that sentiment and rushed feeling has carried over into our week.

In other news - this blogger is over Lent. Did you know Lent is really 46 days? NOT 40. You probably did. I however did not. Hence the reason I jumped back on facebook with a Dove dark chocolate Promise in my hands last Friday night. I was DONE. Even Jesus was only tempted in the wilderness for 40 days - I did my best folks.

What other randomness can I regale you with while I drain the last drips of coffee from my mug and hope my children sleep another five minutes?

Oh! I painted the living room as a surprise for B Daddy two weeks ago! I would show you a picture but I didn't take any and it's grey, so not the most thrilling transition. But it does look nice. Our living room and dining room are one and the dining room got the grey makeover about 2 months ago, so it had looked awkward for quite a while. I'm not the world's best painter (as a matter of fact I was kicked off the painting crew during a high school mission trip. We were painting a back stairwell. In other words, it's not that the standards were so very high, rather that my skill level was just really really low.) so I was a bit nervous about tackling the project on my own, but I think B Daddy was so relieved that he did not have to participate and/or pay for the work to be done that all my drips and oopsies! have been entirely overlooked.

And the picture at the top of this post? The only one taken in the recent past that I am in. I love my little helper and please please note the lack of a diaper butt. What a big boy.


  1. I forgot you got kicked out of painting in Madrid!! Classic Katie! Classic! Good on ya Little E for potty training! My Allie should take some lessons!

  2. Why don't our kids like to wear pants???


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