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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Consistency Confessional

Consistency. It's really critical to success in any endeavor isn't it?

To be a loving wife I need to be consistently available (in more ways than one), encouraging and open to adventure.

Consistently speaking kindly, listening fully, correcting gently, serving humbly - these habits create a gracious mother.

And my body would look far more bikini ready if only I were consistent in eating well, exercising regularly and rising early.

Consistency is SO HARD though.

It's easy to occasionally write a sweet note to a friend, very difficult to regularly encourage in word and prayer. It's easy to be kind to your kids when they are cute and in a "good phase." Hard to be kind when they have just peed on the floor and broken down with wails of, "I waaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnt it." Easy to sit in a row on Sunday morning, hard to live The Word consistently during the week.

This week I have struggled with my eating habits and being kind to my children (among many many other things as well.) What do you consistently struggle for consistency in?


  1. Me and consistency have been at odds for some time. This week we're struggling with eating "healthy, good-for-me foods" and not overeating, exercise and positivity. But every day is a new day to start fresh and begin again, so I'm trying not to let yesterday's bad habits carry over into today.

  2. starting and finishing the laundry. And every other task- good one week, bad the next. Captain Distracto!

  3. Time spent in the Word! Why is something that should be so easy, be so hard sometimes?

  4. Hey Katie!!

    I just came across your blog via facebook! I love it!! And your babies are BEAUTIFUL :) The "Consistency Confessional" reminded me of a book I'm reading called the "Happiness Project"- one mom/woman's journey on a year long project to be the best mom, wife, etc. Anyways-I'm enjoying it and not even a wife or a mom yet! hehe! Thought I'd pass it on to you and the other ladies posting here :)



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