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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hanging in There (Just Barely)

Oh the sleepless nights. Last night we hit the three week mark since #2 has had a good night's sleep. From 2:30am to 4:00am B Daddy and I endured relentless screaming after multiple failed attempts to soothe this bambino back to sleep. Teething? Ear infection? Growth spurt? Whatever the cause, I finally fed her into oblivion.

And after a perfect day yesterday - as in the same pair of Cars undies ALL DAY LONG - the Squirt has had multiple accidents today. (Most of the blame here probably lands squarely on my overly confident shoulders.) This parenting gig is tough. It's like the Squirt and #2 have minds of their own or something.


Nap time has been good to me however - I've had the creative bug and been working on some projects. Maybe I'll get around to posting pics this week!


  1. I'm really sorry for your lack of sleep. I'm a bear without it. That said, though I don't want to throw "more parental advice" at you...have you ever read: Babywise? (Actually, I think it's more fully titled: On Becoming Babywise.)

    I'd love to give yo the author's name but don't know it off the top of my head and a friend (who followed it and whose 9wk old has been sleeping through since 6wks old) is currently borrowing it. It was written by a pastor and endorsed by an MD. So, it's solid. Of course there is some criticism but you can always walk away w/ whatever you want and it wouldn't hurt, would it?

    We used it for both boys and have had numerous (!) friends swear by it. Again, you could take it w/ a grain of salt but at least it might help. It's an easy read - for you, my bookworm friend, likely in a night...or maybe since you're so tired, it would be good to do it in an afternoon. :)

    Praying for you - THANK YOU for yours!!


  2. Hang in there Katie. Before you know it these hard days/nights will be gone. Thinking about you and praying you get a good night sleep soon!

    I remember one night Hannah had me up all night, and I was so tired the next day I had my underwear on inside out the entire day and didn't notice it until that night. ;)

    Just keep swimming, just keep swimming....

  3. Here is a gramma's point of view. One day, (it will be a while tho) you will look back and remember, probably not fondly, but you can tell stories... Babywise - I recomend it highly. I "helped" with 6 grandchildren with this method. It works. Very scheduled, but it works and you get your rest. You have to be willing to "tie" yourself to a schedule, tho. My granddaughter who is now almost 15 was the only one we didn't try it with (and she needed it the most!) Don't give up, the Lord gives you strengh as you need it. Blessings

  4. Thank you for the advice and encouragement! We did follow Babywise to get #2 on a schedule...she was sleeping through the night at 8 wks, but started this crazy night thing last month. I think it was a growth spurt...the past 2 nights she has only woken once. I am a schedule kind of girl for sure!!


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