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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hanging in There (Just Barely)

Oh the sleepless nights. Last night we hit the three week mark since #2 has had a good night's sleep. From 2:30am to 4:00am B Daddy and I endured relentless screaming after multiple failed attempts to soothe this bambino back to sleep. Teething? Ear infection? Growth spurt? Whatever the cause, I finally fed her into oblivion.

And after a perfect day yesterday - as in the same pair of Cars undies ALL DAY LONG - the Squirt has had multiple accidents today. (Most of the blame here probably lands squarely on my overly confident shoulders.) This parenting gig is tough. It's like the Squirt and #2 have minds of their own or something.


Nap time has been good to me however - I've had the creative bug and been working on some projects. Maybe I'll get around to posting pics this week!

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