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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Hold Out

The very first day we ever got an egg from our girls, we got not one - but two. We were so thrilled that both the ladies decided to pony up on the same day we didn't question how similar the eggs were in color and size. (Backyard chicken eggs are very specific to the breed - some lay dark brown eggs, some lay speckled eggs, some even lay blue or green eggs...)

But about two weeks ago we began to question whether both the girls were actually laying. We only ever caught Hester in the act and our eggs all looked remarkably similar.

Then on Monday we got our first "albino egg" (as B Daddy called it.) Then yesterday and today we got two more albino eggs, this time nestled right next to our usual dark brown speckled eggs.

Turns out Charlotte has indeed been holding out on us. I expect egg production to rapidly increase from here on out. : )


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