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Friday, September 24, 2010


When we found out the Squirt was a boy, I began picturing a little man who would look like his daddy - dark hair, green eyes, unmistakeably handsome.

What I've ended up with is a child who looks strikingly like his mama. Big brown eyes and a lot of blond hair. The Squirt even has many of my faces; my concentrating face, my pouty face, my tantrum face. B Daddy was blond as a child maybe the dark hair was a pipe dream all along.

But the biggest surprise for me has been the curls. Lots and lots of beautiful blond curls.

Poor kid. Everywhere we go some stranger is commenting on how pretty he is.
He's had no less than five haircuts already but the curl is holding steady.

Seeing as how B Daddy didn't stay blond forever (obviously my blond hair is 100% natural) and that neither of us has ever had ringlets like these, I'm constantly thinking the next haircut might be the one that chops off the curl forever. Because I'll die if that happens - this post is for posterity's sake.

I hope his sister is as pretty as he is....she's definitely got some competition on her hands.


  1. Maybe your little girl will have dark hair and green eyes?

  2. He IS so pretty! In a very manly way, of course :) I am willinger to wager a small sum that little girl baby will look more like daddy. Seems to work that way...


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