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Monday, September 13, 2010

30 Things Before the Big 3-0

I've got less than 22 months before my 30th birthday rolls around and just a few things I'd like to have experienced before I enter the next decade.

Some are little things, some seem quite impossible to me right now (finances...bleh!) but they either tug at my heart in quiet moments of wanderlust, or they are things I whole-heartedly believe every self-respecting 30-something year old should have checked off a list.

I made this list waaaaaaay back when I was 26 and had not yet given birth or gotten knocked up again, so some may seem a little ambitious now... but I'd love your encouragement and accountability. And if you can facilitate any of these things, by all means give me a shout! (Any biscuit-making queens out there?)

  1. Climb Stone Mountain 11/14/2008
  2. Make a fresh omelet with an egg from my own chickens and veggies from my own garden. 08/28/2010
  3. Fill our family room with things I love - not hand-me-downs
  4. Learn how to lead climb - in the gym or outdoors
  5. Go hang gliding over Lookout Mountain
  6. Compete in a triathlon
  7. Go see the World of Coca-Cola 09/07/2010
  8. Take voice lessons
  9. Take a cooking class 07/08/2010
  10. Go scuba diving again
  11. Learn how to roll a kayak
  12. Have one of those hip family photo sessions everyone else has had 10/15/2010
  13. Give birth 05/06/2009
  14. Learn how to sew - if only well enough to make Halloween costumes for my kids 12/31/08
  15. Pull together photo albums of Hawaii, Jamaica, Australia and Grand Canyon trips
  16. Learn how to drive a stick shift (I know...tragic. Embarrassing. I know.)
  17. Perfect a divine "go-to" dinner for company
  18. Change my passport to my married name
  19. Get pregnant again 04/20/2010
  20. Visit BJ's family in Michigan
  21. Take my Grandmother out to dinner
  22. Kayak Cumberland Island
  23. Go camping with my kid(s)
  24. Drive the Blueridge Parkway in the Fall
  25. Make a perfect biscuit from scratch
  26. Clean the fridge 05/04/2009
  27. Visit Zoo Atlanta 09/11/2010
  28. Learn how to cut BJ's hair (well) 10/2010
  29. Quit my job and become a full-time mom 02/01/2010
  30. Start a blog 07/16/2009

Do any of you have a "bucket" list? A 30 Before 30 or 60 Before 60? If so, share!
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