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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thoughts on Pregnancy the Second Time Around

1. My hip/pelvic region feels like a wishbone being tugged at by some 2 year olds. Not enough force to actually break the darn thing, but enough to make you want to scream STOP IT RIGHT NOW at someone. But yelling at your children is frowned upon, especially those still in utero, so I'm (mostly) suffering in silence.

2. I get really really sad when I realize breakfast is about to be over.

3. Sitting in an office chair for a good 2/3 of my waking day was something I did not appreciate enough last time.

4. I have no idea how far along I am on any given day. With the Squirt I could have told you how many minutes until D-Day. With #2 I find myself saying, "I'm in my third trimester. No wait, second. Yeah, second. ....nope actually third was right. Well I think I'm almost done."

5. Because of #2 I've invoked a hobbit diet: breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch, tea, dinner and supper.

6. Having a nursery ready has not been at the top of my priority list.

7. Having babysitters ready and finding a local Mom's Morning Out group have been.

8. I don't know if my unborn child is the size of a kumquat, a watermelon or a rutabaga. See #4.

9. I looked like I was 20 weeks pregnant around week 8. Not fun. Now at week 28 (I looked it up) I finally look like I'm only 28 weeks pregnant.

10. I adore my OB/GYN. I will sing his praises to anyone who'll listen. Need a recommendation? See me.

11. I have not taken any birthing classes or dragged my spouse to any breastfeeding classes. I know now that what comes after you leave the hospital is far far FAR more difficult than what happens in the hospital.

12. I don't wonder if I'll ever love this new baby as much as I love the Squirt. I'm the second born in my family and therefore quite self-assured that I am loved as much (if not more) than my older sister.

13. I still drink coffee everyday, but this time around it's more a matter of principle than taste. It gives me heartburn and sometimes I really have to force that second cup down. Don't judge.

14. I go to bed at 9pm. My poor husband.

15. It is still magical every time she kicks.

16. I still make B Daddy put his hand on my belly every day and ask him if he's prayed for our baby girl.

17. I still get chills at the thought of holding this baby.

18. It is still a total miracle.


  1. I loved reading your thoughts! I've found that as a first time pregnant lady, I can't get enough insight into other women's feelings/thoughts on pregnancy. Can't wait for our little ones to get here!

  2. What a wonderful post Katie. You actually make me miss being pregnant! I think my husband might make me stop reading your blog...;)

  3. I feel the need to comment on #12. Gee, wonder why? :) I did wonder how we'd love #2 as much as #1, and then she was born. 'nuff said, you know? Although, I will say there are times that I like #2 more than #1 but I'm pretty sure it's b/c #1 is potty-training and whiny at times. As far as y(our) parents go, I'm sure they share an equal amount of love for both of their amazing daughters. :)

  4. There are a lot of people in your extended family who have two children. It seems like none of us had the guts to go for four like GranAnn and GranStan did...But, we all love our #2s just as much as our #1s. Just you wait! I think God just expands your heart to be able to hold all the love!!!

  5. PS: I am having to upload that video - it is too big to email. I'll send you the link when it is finished. 37% so far... I think I'll go to bed & check it in the morning.


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