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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby Name Survey

B Daddy and I are at a crossroads when it comes to names for #2. Lucky for us, we happened to stumble across a few gems on the Atlanta-Journal Constitution's website.

Real names folks. Real names.

We've narrowed the list to just our favorites for each letter of the alphabet...if you would let us know your vote, we'd be oh-so-grateful.

A - Abcde, Apple Skyy
B - Basin Butt, Blessin, Blue, Baby, Brillient (we really like the letter B)
C - Chemo, Christmas, Casey Casey
D - Destinymonet, Denzel Washington
E - Emoney, Energy
F - FaithCharity, Foxy Brown
G - Genesis, Governor, Glory Essence
H - Heavenleigh, Heiress
I - Indiana
J - Jnaishatriyah
K - Kanyon, Kapril, Kentucky Outlaw
L - Lilmarshall, Lovemonae
M - McDivine, Millionaire, Mylove
N - Nature
O- Oddity
P - Peaches, Poncedeleon
Q - Quest
R - Rayzun, Royalty, Reign
S - Shadrach (we do LOVE a biblical name), Shardonney, Sincerious, Success, Surprise
T - Te-Ara, Terriyakki, Tru Faith
U - Urheiness
V - Vnylla
W - Widdie
X - Xzaviaire
Y - Yamajesty
Z - Zymphony

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