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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Big Boy Room for The Squirt

Here's the inspiration for the room:

(image courtesy of Land of Nod)

Instead of orange walls we're going with this slightly calmer green.

I love the bright colors and the slightly older look - but the Squirt is still going to be in a crib, so we can't make use of the comforter and they don't offer curtains in this design. So... my pioneer skills are coming into play once again. I made a curtain that looks like the comforter...and I think it turned out decently. Not perfectly...but it was made during naptime, so decent is really what we were shooting for.

This chair?

Getting a bright fresh coat of paint. (But what color? Turquoise, yellow, orange or stripes?)

This little table used to be B Daddy's bedside table, but it's the perfect size to turn into an arts & crafts center. (You know...for all the crafting we do around here.) I also want to paint it, but again...I need a color suggestion!

This lampshade from Target is supposedly going to be a new hanging light fixture...I'll keep you posted on how that turns out. : )

And this is the start to the Squirt's climbing wall! It should be finished by the end of the weekend. Woo hoo!! (B Daddy and I really want to give it a spin.)

My goal is to show off an "after" picture before you get to see one of the kitchen. I'm ambitious like that.

I'll check back in later this week(end) with a progress report...happy hump day!


  1. Love it!! What a good idea for the climbing wall cause you know little boys love to climb:) I like the idea of orange for the chair. What color options were you thinking for the table? Same as the chair?

  2. from my few 'redo' experiences as of late i would HIGHLY recommend going to the edge of your "boldness". what i mean is that if i push myself to what is on the brink of "too much" or "over the top" i always (!) love that i've stepped out of my comfort zone, once i (complete and) see the end result.
    looking forward to yours!

  3. You should paint the chair and table a solid color and the stripe the seat and the table top!!! Love your wanna take a look at my girls' rooms? ;)


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