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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I've Become My Mother...

And it doesn't bother me one bit.

My mom used to clean the house like company was coming every time we'd leave for vacation. I remember being baffled as to why you'd bother cleaning a house you were about to bust out of.

...I now understand that when a mom travels with her kids it's not entirely a's rather more like a business trip. The last thing you want to come home to is a sink full of dirty dishes in addition to the mounds of laundry you've accumulated on your trip. We're heading off for a mini-vacation this weekend and today I'm scrubbing and cleaning like there's an open house tomorrow.

My mom used to take every piece of rearranged furniture as an opportunity to tidy up. If my dad were flipping a mattress, she'd ask him to hold it mid-air while she pulled out the vacuum and duster. I remember giving my mom some serious 13 year old attitude when this happened and asking if she really couldn't find a better time to clean.

...Having recently rearranged almost every piece of furniture in this home, I find myself wiping down baseboards and asking B Daddy to hold that piece just right there on its side so I can dust the back before we re-position it.

I used to roll my eyes at my mother's cleaning antics. Now I realize it's just plain common sense.


  1. Haha- We went to the mountains 2 weeks ago. I completely cleaned the house, changed the sheets, and cleaned the car.I also mad Ben and the boys sit in the car while I ran back through the house cleaning up the mess the boys made while I packed. To go one step further- I now do all my laundry while Im out of town too...just like mom did. lol. Have a great trip!

  2. Amen, sister. Amen. I never understood why Mom did that until I had a house of my own to come home to. Today I've already vacuumed, cleaned dishes, and done some laundry. I will finish the list by ironing and cleaning the bathrooms. Dusting, however, will not make the cut this time.

  3. At first your posts title concerned me...and then I read your second sentence. Whew!
    You two girls are up on me. I haven't packed, straightened up or anything yet!! Maybe I am at the stage of life where I will buy whatever I forget to pack and not sweat the small stuff.
    Glad my cleaning schtick was passed on. Love y'all both to bits. Looking forward to some sun, surf, and sweet times this weekend.

  4. I completely understand. I think Zach still questions why I panic the day before a trip because the house is a mess, but then we both relax when we walk through that door after a long trip and "Ahhhhh, nothing to clean." What a wonderful feeling. Now if you can just find someone else to do all the extra laundry after you get home, life would be perfect. Have a great trip!


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