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Friday, October 22, 2010

Picture of the Week: 3

My sister and I decided last year that a perfect Christmas gift for my parents would be to have some family pictures made. I'm pretty sure the last time a professional got the four of us together it was inside an Olan Mills it was definitely time.

Coordinating the schedules of 3 families and waiting for a certain someone to have a baby, for the baby to grow to appropriate picture taking size and then waiting for yours truly to get ginormously pregnant apparently takes 10 months however. So a few weeks back we finally went and had family pictures taken of all 9 of us by the amazingly talented Alea Moore.

Here's one of my favorites and you can check out some of the rest on Alea's blog. Merry Christmas 2009 Mom and Dad!

Oh yeah and #12 on the 30 Before 30 list? Gotcha!!


  1. Katie- all of those pictures are really amazing. It's so great to see your family again (now more than doubled in size)!

    Kelli (Sullivan)

  2. Those are wonderful photos...OH HOW IT MAKES ME MISS YOU ALL! I have the South USA on my hit list...but it is my "during this lifetime" hitlist so it may be a, AFRICA TRUMPS pretty much anywhere.
    I digress.
    YOU ALL are included in the South hit list.
    You are beautiful.

  3. Fabulous...what a blessed family!

  4. What great pictures. It make me miss the entire Brock family!!


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