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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rewarding Ourselves

Two of my all-time favorite things? Top Chef and burgers.

And luckily for me, I happen to live in the great city where these two fantastically American creations collided and gave birth to a restaurant called FLIP.

After B Daddy and I finished up our long day of kitchen work Sunday (me in my usual role of supervisor, B Daddy doing the actual "work") I decided we needed to celebrate our 66% complete kitchen with a trip down to FLIP.

Our 66% complete kitchen

If it's on the menu, a burger is nearly always my first instinct whether we are at a high-falutin' fancy downtown restaurant or Wendy's. And B Daddy is usually able to talk me out of it - except when I'm pregnant. : ) So FLIP it was for dinner last night and oh heaven. It was divine.

If you live in Atlanta or are visiting any time soon - it's worth a trip. Do it for me. And be sure to wash down your burger with a Nutella milkshake. It comes highly recommended by the Squirt.
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