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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kitchen Re-model: The Waiting

It's officially Day 15 of the kitchen re-model and I'm ready to be done.

I'm a hugely impatient person and also tend to dive headlong into projects without thinking through the nitty gritty involved. Details!? For little people. : )

I'm always sure I'll be able to get what I need precisely when I want it. On Day #1 of this project I had a picture in my mind but very very few details. I had three light fixtures. Countertops? An idea...nothing chosen, nothing ordered. Paint colors? Same thing. Appliance replacements? Had not even given it a thought.

So here we are on Day #15 and things are moving surprisingly quickly. The granite has taken 3 days longer than I would have liked (supposed installation = today) and there's some nonsense about not being able to hook up the sink plumbing until the granite has cured to the sink (= 48 hours), but other than that this train is running on time.

The optimist in me also glazed over the dirty and inconvenient parts of the project (hence my ridicule of the idea of a temporary kitchen):



But we've recruited some new day labor to help us out; so with any luck there will be some fancy after pictures to share within the week!

If you want to see the whole kitchen renovation process check out these posts: Underway! and Demolition


  1. I'm calling DFACS!! :) He's a cute little helper.

  2. Adorable picture of your little man! Can't wait to see more pictures.


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