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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bats in the Belfry

As if there weren't enough chaos to manage at Casa Leipprandt this week.

Lately as we've gone down to the backyard to dump our compost scraps and gaze longingly at our unfinished chicken coop, we've noticed this.

Ick. Poop. Lots of little poop. Lots of nasty little rat poop. So B Daddy went up in the attic last night to set some traps and nail the buggers.

Only when he did, he found this.

Ummmmmm - definitely not rats.

I haven't decided if bats are more gross or less gross than rats, but apparently (according to a certain R.N. sister of mine) if you have bats you need to get rabies shots. Ugh. This was confirmed by my pediatrician yesterday.

And oh yeah, most doctor's offices don't carry them. Which means potentially...a trip to the good 'ole E.R. And not just ONE trip to the lovely E.R. no no....the rabies vaccine requires a SERIES of shots. At a $150 co-pay per shot price tag!? Say it ain't so...

If we do end up in the E.R. I can definitely tell you which R.N. will be doing the sticking! : )

- Sigh -

Update from animal control: getting rid of our little bat problem will run us at least $900.


  1. Wow you poor thing and the copay too:(

  2. You shouldn't have to pay the copay multiple times. Also check with the CDC and/or county travel clinics. They should carry them too. :)

  3. Ooh thanks April! That gives me hope.

  4. Katie this is insane! I would have absolutely flipped out! How did BJ stay up there long enough to take a picture?!

  5. OH MY GOSH!!! That is an insane amount of bats!! AHHH!!! So sorry!!

  6. We had bats in college at the Phi Sig House. About once every Semester one would get in the house and all us idiots, some of whom were not sober, would try to catch it with a pillow case or hit it with a baseball bat (ironic?) or hockey stick (longer reach). We never had rabies shots, but we also lacked common sense. Also we only had one bat, not a menagerie.

    This post isnt very helpful. Just thought I would share. However, I hear that bats are good eating, FWIW.

  7. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I'm glad you posted a picture b/c I couldn't explain it very well to Lee. And P.S., I think it's mean to make your amazing sister poke her adorable little nephew. :P

  8. I woke up this morning feeling stronger and am having visions of my surroundings when I close my eyes. -B Daddy

  9. Ryan - BJ is very very brave. And he thought he might turn into Batman should he happen to be bitten.
    Todd- thanks for the total lack of useful advice.

  10. Can I have two of them? Seriously, I bet there are no Mosquitos around your house! I've been considering putting up a bat house in our back yard! Bats aren't such a bad thing--outside of the house!

  11. Oh my gosh!! Never a dull moment in the Leipprandt house! We never know what you might post next. So sorry.

  12. Wow... I have never seen so many bats ever, not any where not in my entire life! You have such a great sense of humor about this, I would be packing my bags. lol.. Love you all! Does Big D need to get the rabies shot too?


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