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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Desert Oasis

A few weeks ago we spent a wonderfully relaxing week out in Arizona...without the little man! B Daddy's parents were generous (and crazy) enough to keep the Squirt for the entire week so we could enjoy some R&R alone.

I had never been to the Southwest before - what a beautiful part of the country! It was an epic trip with loads of hiking and plenty of relaxation.

Day 1 - We arrived in Sedona, AZ at midnight...crashed and woke up to this lovely view.

Day 2 - Headed out to see some of the famous Red Rocks up close and in person

A little scrambling afforded us some amazing views

This is actually one of Sedona's famous "vortexes"

The second half of Day 2 led us here - to Slide Rock park! How great to visit during the middle of the week when the crowds were thin. I neglected to put sunscreen on for our morning hike and hid out in the shade nursing my toasted shoulders while BJ tackled all of the pools and rocks.


I did have a little fun.

Day 3 - Up for a very early morning hike through Boynton Canyon before a 10am helicopter tour. Apparently there were more vortexes in this canyon...I'm still not sure what a vortex is.

At 10am it was off to the airport. Our helicopter ride would take us over the Red Rocks of Sedona. We were also scheduled to take a charter flight to the Grand Canyon, but 40 mile an hour winds at the Canyon meant all flights that day were cancelled. Boooooo. The views from the air helped me to appreciate just how vast the landscape was...such an incredibly different environment from North Georgia!

Which brings up a pet peeve of mine. It always bothers me when people make comments about the West having "real" mountains and the East coast having little hills. Or when people go to a beach in Florida and scoff at the "waves". Why don't people just appreciate the differences?! Appalachia is so stinking beautiful! Southern beaches are so peaceful. In different but equally wonderful ways.

But back to Arizona.

Since our afternoon flight was cancelled, we spent the second half of the day relaxing...exactly my idea of vacation.

Next up - the Grand Canyon!


  1. I have a friend who always says "oh wow, I'm so excited for you that you had that opportunity", instead of saying "I'm soooo jealous that you got to do that". She likes to look at the positive in as much as she possibly can, and rejoice with others in their joy - regardless.
    So, I will take this opportunity to say, "oh wow, I'm so excited for you that you had that opportunity". :)
    ...and of course that was genuine. (My parents are taking my boys for a week in July so while I will stay here as Ben will be working 6 days/wk all summer as usual, I will have plenty of free time to pretend I'm at the Grand Canyon and taking helicopter rides.) :) Seriously though...time away is priceless and I'm thrilled you two were gifted in such a way.

  2. Time away is priceless Ash! It was such a gift to re-connect as a married couple and spend time in God's incredible creation!


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