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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Houzz Buzz

Do you know about It might just be the greatest website ever. (If you are doing any kind of re-modeling/re-decorating that is...)

My brother-in-law, Uncle Lee, actually told me about it a few weeks ago and as of this morning, I am officially hooked.

There are literally THOUSANDS of home interior pictures on this site. You can sort them by room, style or even metro area. I'm in the middle of wading through 5000+ kitchen images right now. You can also create a free account and save your favorite images to an Ideabook. LOVE. IT.

Take this image - I am loving the end rack for organizing cookbooks. B Daddy could build one of those, right?
And those lights! WAY outta my price range...but to die for. Also loving that strip of stainless steel to hang utensils from behind the range...pretty sure that's an Ikea special.

utensil rack traditional kitchen

So go check it out! And send any fabulous kitchen ideas my way....the re-model has just begun!

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