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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kitchen Renovation: Homestretch

We're starting to see the finish line in the kitchen! The countertops went in last week, along with additional lighting (over the sink and in the pantry) and the tile went up Monday.

B Daddy, who has the patience of a saint and the work ethic to match, spent Friday night, Saturday morning and then Sunday afternoon getting our new dishwasher installed. Note to future DIYers: install your dishwasher BEFORE installing your immovable granite countertops. Getting the old dishwasher out of this tight spot and the new one in left almost no room for manipulating the wires and water line.

We also brought in the new refrigerator (a Craiglist find...about 60% of the normal retail price and still brand new) thanks to the help of 4 wonderful friends. It's always a good idea to invite people over for dinner on an evening when you need to transport a 250 lb fridge from the back of your pick-up to your kitchen.

We were bummed that our fancy counter-depth fridge wasn't sitting flush with the counters as intended...due to the copper water line that comes up through the floor being about 3 inches out from the wall. Monday evening found B Daddy under our house (nasty icky crawlspace) and myself (in the air-conditioned kitchen of course) shouting at each other through the floor as B drilled a hole up through the subflooring and into the baseboard in the kitchen. A few hours of that and voila! our counter-depth fridge now sits counter-deep.

As I write this our floating shelf is being installed and the bat guy is here cleaning guano out of our attic.

We're getting there! Hopefully a finished product will emerge within the week.

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