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Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm Sorry Dave

The Leipprandts have gotten a bit off track when it comes to the 'ole Dave Ramsey plan. Not that we've jumped ship...we're still debt-free and credit card-free - but that whole envelope with dollar bills inside of it thing? Ummmm...I don't exactly remember the last month we did that. January perhaps?

It started when the 1st of the month would sneak up on me - catching me unawares and without having taken cash out for the month. Then 2 or 3 days would go by and I would re-calculate how many purchases we had made via debit card, do the math and steadfastly resolve to get to the bank before 5pm. But life with the Squirt is often unpredictable and I found myself many a time unable to get to the bank by 5pm. Before I knew it, it would be the 15th of the month and I would console myself, saying, "surely next month I'll be more disciplined!"

Well next month turned into June apparently. We're at the point in our Dave plan where we have started to contribute to E's college account and that money is pretty hit or miss. Some months we have it, some months we're short. The thing is...we'd definitely have it most months if we were following a disciplined envelope budget. But as it is I think B Daddy and I have either eaten or painted away about 4 months worth of collegiate contributions.

So July we begin anew. A budget has been created and the cash we need to pull out has been calculated. I hereby resolve not to spend grocery money on Starbucks and not to spend home improvement money on new maternity clothes. - Sigh -

Keep me honest.

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