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Monday, July 26, 2010

Why the Radio Silence

Last week was a long and frustrating week for us all here at Casa Leipprandt - hence the lack of posting.

A combination of pregnancy hormones, a 14 month old's sudden penchant for crying and evening arrival times of 7:30 for B Daddy (8:45 on Friday night!) had me in tears by the end of each long day on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday and Saturday.

On top of all that - no eggs from the girls. Seriously. Two weeks in to the Great Chicken Experiment and these moochers have not laid a single egg.

AND... to add insult to injury - on Saturday morning I was feeling extremely Betty Crockeresque (in spite of my fragile emotional state!) and decided to make blueberry pancakes for the men in the house. Upon searching the refrigerator I realized I had one measly Store Bought Egg left...and of course two were required for my recipe. If looks could kill we'd have had a nice roast chicken for dinner Saturday night.

So after several discussions on how to make our daily lives run more smoothly during this hectic time (B Daddy and I now have our very own chore charts!) I'm going into this week with a decidedly optimistic outlook.

If you don't hear from me for the rest of the week, send up a prayer or two. The chickens and I will be needing them. 
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