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Friday, August 13, 2010

Telling Stories

I got back from visiting my grandparents in Savannah recently and had one of my most favorite times yet with them both while we visited.

The night before we left, my sister, mother, and I were sitting around playing cards with the Grans (that would be GranAnn and GranStan) when my grandfather and I started a ring spinning war. After several rounds it was determined that his wedding ring spun the best of all ours and that got us to talking about his and my grandmother's wedding rings.
His = original. Hers = upgraded. : )
Note to husbands: after close to 60 years of marriage I think your wife should get an upgrade too.

GranAnn began telling us the story of where her current ring came from and what had been done with the original ring and that prompted GranStan to tell her to go grab all her rings and tell us their stories. I practically squealed with excitement when GranAnn returned from their bedroom with The Pin Cushion.

The Pin Cushion has always (as far as I can remember) made its home on GranAnn's dresser. It is a silky square of a pillow, studded with long pearl pins. Encircling the base of each pearl pin is a HUGE ring. When I could barely see over the top of her dresser I remember thinking The Pin Cushion was an exotic way to hold jewelry. I loved going and staring at all of those crazy rings, so daringly displayed out in the open.

So to have a chance to hear the story behind each piece was truly was gift.

GranAnn sat and showed us each ring as both she and GranStan (never at a loss when it comes to telling a story!) told us its history.

If you have a grandmother with a taste for the finer things in life - ask her to tell you their stories. It was a priceless conversation. I'm so glad my sister thought to take a few pictures.


  1. I liked that thanks for sharing:)

  2. What a touching way to capture that evening! We need and by that I mean you and GranAnn!! need to write the history behind each ring so the other girls will know it too!
    Well done--


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