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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Help! I'm in a Blog Rut

Where have all my favorite bloggers gone? Everyone seems to be taking a summer break from blogging. I might have to start being productive during the Squirt's naps if the situation doesn't turn around soon.

Apparently these bloggers don't realize I depend on them to keep me from becoming a Bravo junkie.

So I need your help. What are your favorite reads? Which bloggers keep you from watching Real Housewives re-runs? Help!


P.S. After posting this I found a gem I had never read before called Clover Lane. Check it out...fabulous.


  1. I love!! That blog has taught me so much. Not to mention it is put on by a team of bloggers so they put up posts really regularly!!!

  2. Check out bitchcakes (google it and it will come up--sorry I don't have the link)

  3. try
    or (do you go there already?)

    with your seeming "unfinished home reno" woes, it's sure the former will give you an up...or at least a teeny bit of inspiration.
    oh - and the feeling is mutual...except you don't keep me from chores during naps but rather chores just in general :)
    i think i'm back's to hoping my blog can carry some fantastic news in the form of pink, some time sooner than later...perhaps this decade.
    hope you're feeling well.

  4. I was also going to let you know that Asleigh Tate (I don't know what her married name is, but she is a friend on facebook) has a wonderful blog about adoption!! Made me cry at work the other day....but good tears!

  5. Trisha - bitchcakes is too funny! Thanks for the link.
    Ash - Never been to soulemama until today...lots of good stuff to catch up on!
    Erin - yes I read Ashleigh's blog and LOVE it. Also checking out!!


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