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Monday, August 16, 2010

How the Leipprandts Roll

You might be curious as to why my bi-weekly kitchen renovation posts suddenly stopped coming. That would be because the renovation ground quickly to a halt as soon as we had a functional space again. And also once all the professionals stepped out of the picture.

Herein lies one of my husband's and my greatest weaknesses: 90% projects.

It is a disease I brought upon this household. My dear perfectionist of a husband loathes all things half-assed and half-done. But apparently early on in our marriage I must have convinced him to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine while appreciating the great start we had made on some project...and then we went promptly to bed and forgot the project for several months.

A partial list of currently unfinished projects around Casa Leipprandt:

Crown molding in two bedrooms that is unpainted (3 years after installation)
Tree mural in the Squirt's bedroom with pencil outline still showing (15+ months)
Rod and curtains for dining room purchased but un-hung (Going on 3 months)
Showerhead with a large unpainted swath of primer behind it awaiting touching up (5+ years)

And the kitchen comes in first place with the longest list of unfinished projects of any room in the house. Here's what we've got left to do:

Prime and paint the floating shelf
Seal grout on new tilework
Re-paint trimwork
Paint crown molding
Paint new window seat
Make cushion for window seat
Purchase/hang curtains over large window
Purchase/hang blinds over small window
Paint built-in fridge cabinet
Paint ceiling
Touch up cabinet door paint

UGH! I knew I was doomed once B Daddy installed the microwave and I could not only cook dinner but warm-up leftovers to boot.

Any guesses on when we'll wrap these items up and be ready for a big blogger-style reveal??
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