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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Eating of Eggs

I've never been so excited about being a short-order cook in my life. Saturday morning we busted out our egg basket (5 eggs in 5 days!) and prepared breakfast for the three of us - courtesy of our girls Hester and Charlotte.

B Daddy decided (after much deliberation and perusing both comments and emails from you) that he would have an omelet. I could find no fault with such a classic choice and prepared it with tomatoes and basil from our garden as well as a little sprinkle of parmesan.

Please ignore the freaky looking hand and my crazy PJ combination. I'm pregnant.

The Squirt wasn't too sure what his options were - but he happily gobbled up the plain old scrambled egg I gave him, as well as a good third of B's omelet.

As for me - I decided on two eggs over-easy, served with a toasted bagel. Mmmmm. There was something so satisfying about breaking into those yolks and watching them run down the sides of my bagel.

The verdict?

Everyone walked away from the breakfast nook nourished and happy. I think we've found a new Saturday morning tradition!

For a re-cap of why this suburban mama is so excited about eggs for breakfast - catch up HERE.
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