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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Unplugging for a while

So B Daddy and I are embarking on a new initiative. No TV for a month.

Last night we watched the same news program we watch nearly every evening. As we turned it off and headed to bed we were struck by just how much is going on in our country and the world right now. Healthcare. The economy. The housing market. Two wars that aren't getting a whole lot of airtime anymore. Iran. Israel. China.

It's a lot to take in and we were both struck by how ill-informed we are on so many of these issues. Do you know what "monetizing our debt" means? We certainly did not. We spent about 30 minutes last night figuring it out.

So rather than tuning in each night to listen to someone else's opinion of things or see how Jon & Kate are faring these days, we decided to unplug for a month and educate ourselves. I'm heading to the library this afternoon to pick up some history books and am planning to download some classics to my Kindle that we can both share.

Besides, it's summer and there's really nothing on TV anyway.

And weekends don't count as part of the initiative.

And I can still watch my Tivo'd shows during the day.

We're not Luddites for crying out loud.

But seriously, I think this has the potential to be really really good for us. Ask me how it's going and keep me honest. I'll keep you posted!
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