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Friday, August 28, 2009

9 Days 11 Dollars: Dinner #2

We're only on Day 3 of the Great Dinner Experiment and are already the recipients of a pity dinner.

My sweet mother generously brought us a fabulous dinner last night. Initially I was reluctant to accept the did feel a bit like cheating. But after insisting she would only bring leftovers and would also watch my child while I lay around eating bon bons, I relented.*

This is typical of B Daddy's dinner plate. Heaven forbid his foods should touch one another.

Since dinner was free and I have no fancy Dollar Per Diner statistics to throw at you - I should share what I did for lunch with you.

Uh huh. I can see you drooling right now.
And the cost? $0.00

Our local Chick-fil-A was offering FREE Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches yesterday during lunchtime! So being the frugal gal I am I thought I would drive on over and partake of their generosity. I figured the line would be ginormously long and I'd end up foregoing the whole idea because I didn't have 30 minutes to wait in line for a $4.00 sandwich.

But leave it to the wonderful folks at Chick-fil-A to have me through the line with my warm bag of deliciousness in only 4 minutes. Bravo have really helped a gal out this week.

*I jest! There are no bon bons in the pantry.

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