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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Me and Billy

I have to confess that mere weeks after E came along I started pitying how much his journey into this world changed me. I cried about lost sleep and the fact that B Daddy and I couldn't eat dinner together in peace anymore, I cried about the constant nursing and the inability to get one thing done during the day - I truly cried each and every day of Little E's first 6 weeks, and bless his heart B Daddy still came home each night. (But like I said before, I'm over the crying and I've got this parenting thing down now. Haha!)

Now that the Squirt sleeps through the night and flashes adorable smiles my way just for being me, my new source of tears is how much the whole pregnancy experience changed me physically.

To perk myself up I started having a fling on the side. With an old flame. You probably know who he is, maybe you've even hung out a time or two - I've heard he gets around.

It's a love/hate relationship. I don't want to sacrifice any family time for him, so we see each other only early in the morning. After B Daddy has gone to work and before E has woken up. It's ridiculously hard to drag myself out of bed, but I know he's waiting for me. Waiting with his words of encouragement and those moves that make me sweat...

Oh Billy!

Yes, Billy Blanks and I have begun seeing each other on an almost regular basis now. Dragging my butt out of bed no less than 3 mornings in the past week has been painful but good for my psyche.

Hopefully it will eventually be good for my butt as well.


  1. I met with Billy this morning too. I worked with the flow, dug deep into my soul, and whatever else rhymes with those two words. Billy likes to rhyme you know. Enjoy the videos! Glad you're using your bday present!

  2. That's what I'm talking about. My love affair is with Ribbon Dancer. Tell no one.


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