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Friday, August 7, 2009

Thanks Dave

I mentioned this yesterday on Facebook, but in case you didn't hear - we just bought a new HVAC system! It's shiny. It's new. It's....QUIET!

If you've never been to our home, you're probably thinking this is not such a big deal. AC = boring. But if you have ever been over peacefully watching a television program when our air conditioning kicked on...then you understand the excitement.

For the past year, maybe longer, I can't even remember when it started, we have had to turn up the TV volume at least 8 or 9 little notches when the AC fan kicked on. It was like a 747 taxiing through the living room.

Our home is a smidge over 1600 square feet and the unit is located smack dab in the middle of it. The Squirt didn't need a white noise machine - the AC unit lulled us all to sleep with its incessant whirr all night long. In the past month, the whirr upgraded itself to a buzz and clank and actually shook the walls (the WALLS folks) enough to vibrate hanging pictures and light fixtures...which kept B Daddy up night after night.

And yes, when they were replacing the furnace unit and yelled out, "Whoa! Has this thing ever been in a fire?" I had to reply, "Um, maybe a little one once or twice." (We've had a few incidents with the pilot light...I think my father-in-law is still missing some arm hair.)

So you see it was a very good thing indeed that we replaced it. And even better, we were able to pay CASH for it. Cold, hard, cash. Well actually I wrote a check. A big, fat, check.

So thank you Dave Ramsey, thank you Coolray Heating & Air and thank you Lord for the perfect and absolute silence in my 74 degree home right now!!!

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