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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Everyday Moments

Life around our house is starting to take on a routine...albeit a crazy one. As I type this post I'm nursing the baby, supervising a tot breakfast of granola (she can feed herself now...which equals lots more clean up for mama) and serving as jungle gym for the big boy playing underneath the table in between my feet. 

Here are some scenes from life the past week. Better blogging in the future as we continue to adjust I promise! 

One of my high school girls took this picture on Sunday night. 
Is there anything sweeter than newborn feet?

Sweet B's hair style courtesy of maple syrup.

Little man's bath time is a family affair.

Ben and I visited my grandmother over the weekend. She was wowed by my smartphone's ability to take pictures and show them to her seconds later (she kept making me take this one over and over until she was happy with it. This was the keeper... she either didn't notice I was half-missing or she wasn't particularly concerned about me.) I kicked her tail at Rummy a bit later on in the afternoon.  

Far from facing the jealousy issues I thought we might have, we are in a bit of a Lenny situation around here with little Ben. Remember the scene in Of Mice and Men when Lenny pets the bunnies? 

...the little man is in danger of being loved to death almost daily by these two.

And the big news this week is that a certain big brother turns 3 on Sunday! This is the rough plan we worked out for his birthday cake yesterday (it's a bike, can you tell?) ...I'll share a picture if it turns out not to be a hot mess. :)


  1. I had to chuckle when I read about the little one feeding herself and your little man hiding under the table and around your feet as you nurse the youngest. I was there... At one point, I had five, six and under. Whew! Things were a sort of blur at times, but then, what happy memories too. My youngest didn't think a meal was complete until she rubbed the food around the tray of the high chair and then smeared it into her hair (every meal!) There were times that I had to set down the baby while I was in the middle of nursing #4 to take care of a major temper tantrum with #3 (the whole nine yards of screaming, throwing himself on the floor, kicking, etc) while I was squirting milk (tmi). Those days passed quickly now as I look back, although at the time it was pretty intense. Enjoy your times (even the tough ones) because they will make great stories in their adult years. Blessings on you and yours. (by the way, they all are great friends now)

  2. :) Fun to read. Thanks for sharing. Bike cake looks like an awesome plan...I bet you are baking away right now!

  3. The bike cake looks way harder than cupcakes from a mix, which is the limit of my ability.

    Also? I love Grandmas that are particular about how they look in photos. Not that I know any *cough*my mother*cough*



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