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Friday, May 18, 2012

Playroom Progress

 Last time we talked the playroom looked like this:

I only showed you these two tight shots because what you see is all there was in this 11x20 room. It's a BIG room. And up until this weekend it was pretty empty. FYI - when you spend all your money turning a porch into a sunroom/playroom your savings account will be empty when you want to purchase furniture. Who knew?!

But mostly empty is okay because it is mostly a playroom after all. We want the kids to have space to drive cars, chase each other and throw things (hopefully balls?) We're dividing the room into a sitting area and a kids area and we're working on  s l o w l y  furnishing each side. We picked up two 5' x 8' rugs from Ballard's Backroom to define the different areas over the weekend - they were a STEAL at $86 each. They are even backed with a rubbery kind of material, so they don't slide around and we don't need to shell out for an additional rug pad. Yeah us! But they do smell a little... jute-y? Anyone else have a jute rug that smelled a little grassy/outdoorsy when they first got it? Fingers crossed it fades away.

This is the view when you walk in from outside now.

Just the "sitting area"

We pulled the storage ottomans in from the living room, which means we just created another empty space (aka project) for ourselves...but I love them having in here. The room desperately needed some color and pattern. Between the rug and the ottomans, this part of the room has really warmed up. The chair on the right is my new blogging perch. : )


Oh and see what we did here? Lots of hidden toy storage on the adult side of the room. I'm kind of obsessed with keeping brightly colored plastic playthings out of sight. Anyone else feel the same way? Or am I just stifling my children's fun?

And now looking back to the kids' side of the room:

Not much to see I know. The play table is borrowed from my folks'  house. It folds flats and the kids love it. But we want to find or make a round kids' table that splits apart into two half-moon tables. Anyone seen anything similar to that on the old interweb? We'd like stools that will tuck underneath the table to help keep the room open. Besides a permanent table, we'll probably add a few big storage baskets for art/craft supplies and the random toys that will inevitably migrate into the room.

We're debating a low-profile sofa against the windows in between the two rugs. We really do spend a good bit of time out here now and it'd be nice to have seating for more than just two adults. But would it be worth losing that extra play space? Hmmmmmm. Other things on the to-do list for the space are two overhead lighting fixtures, roman shades, some wall decor and possibly even plants!? Yes I will eventually kill them, but they always look so good at first.

So basically one project completed (adding the sunroom) and one project added (furnishing said sunroom).  We are absolutely loving the addition though, even in its unfinished state. The past few evenings B Daddy and I have unwound out here with a glass of wine, it's kind of magical at dusk with the windows open and the birds calling - like a big kid treehouse retreat.


  1. LOVE the sitting area and the rugs. Where did the play kitchen go?

    1. The kitchen is in Sweet B's room'll probably move back out eventually, but for now they have plenty of toys out there.


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