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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm Alive! (And Mostly Well...)

Sorry for the prolonged absence dear readers - I know y'all have been dying to find out what happened on April 4th. In a nutshell, we came home April 5th with a healthy baby boy, so everything that happened on the 4th went fabulously well.

B Daddy, Elijah, Britain and I would like to introduce Benjamin Isaac Leipprandt to the world.

Born at 11:09am April 4th
8lbs, 9oz  <---Yeah - that's a big baby in my world.
20.0 inches long

We're still learning the ropes of having three little ones at home, so new posts may be few and far between until I'm getting some real sleep each night. :) Right now a four hour stretch at night is a godsend and I'm surviving on catnaps during the day. Three kids is hard!! Any pointers from those of you who've been there, done that would be greatly appreciated.

Here I am just after Ben's arrival - clearly impressed with myself

We did it again babe! 

Labor is tiring work - epidural or not

Hello there! I'm precious.

The Squirt LOVES Baby Isaac Ben 
(we changed the name the day Ben was born...very confusing for our little man.)

Sweet B's spreading the word since I've been a little sleepy/unproductive lately. 

Thanks for all of your texts, calls, meals and visits, we are truly blessed!


  1. Congratulations - he's precious!! Good luck on adjusting to three at home....I literally can't remember large chunks of time of my third (now middle) baby's life....not enough sleep perhaps?? :)

  2. Thanks for taking the time to update here! We are thrilled for you!


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