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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random Ramblings

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. Has it been a while? I've been busy...and so have you I know. Because Thanksgiving is THURSDAY! Yeah for family time and fried turkey and football and the Georgia Bulldogs being the SEC East Champs. (Not that that last one has anything to do with Thanksgiving, but I am thankful for championship game to look forward to this year.)

So Saturday was our 6th wedding anniversary. Whoa. Did you know the median length of a marriage in the United States these days is 11 years? That is crazy. I feel like B Daddy and I haven't even hit our stride yet. We had the chance to go to Athens, where we met and were married, and were able to go out while my parents watched Sweet B (the Squirt was with B Daddy's parents.) Praise the Lord for willing and able grandparents - what a gift it was to go out to dinner and a movie all alone!

Us 6 years ago

Us now

And I made B Daddy a gift - here's a little peek. I'll be back later on with a tutorial. It only cost me $0.59! Talk about affordable.

In other news, we went for our 20 week ultrasound this week for Baby #3. What a miracle. Every time. We saw 10 toes, 4 heart chambers, 2 kidneys, 1 diaphragm, a zillion vertebrae and those little bits that happen to make this baby male or female. I'll spill the beans tomorrow once I can get some of the ultrasound pics uploaded. I swear I'd be a rock star blogger if loading pictures was less of a hassle.

I am just loving this week. My turkey is thawing in the refrigerator and I'll be making pie crust for a completely from scratch apple pie tomorrow... life is good.


  1. You're beautiful, Katie. (Inside and out.)

  2. Congratulations on a healthy baby! And on six years of bliss - HA!

    (we had our 16th anniversary in August, and I swear it just feels like yesterday)

    (although when I see photos it MUST of been decades ago - that body is LONG GONE!)


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