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Thursday, November 3, 2011

November is for Being Thankful

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday EVER.

Therefore I'm understandably protective of it and each year I find myself getting more and more defensive of it. As in, "BACK AWAY FROM THE PINTEREST CHRISTMAS DECOR BOARDS AND GIVE THE TURKEY SOME RESPECT PEOPLE!"

Sorry. Had to get that out.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas. There is something undeniably wonderful about a home decorated for Christmas with the wonderful smells and all the Merry and Bright. The lights, the music, the meaning...Christmas has A LOT going for it. But here in America it has also been hijacked by retailers and every year I inevitably find myself sucked into the game sometime between now and the 25th...spending more money than anticipated and meditating less on the birth of Jesus than on which cookies I'm making for the family exchange.

Thanksgiving is so pure. Family, food, grateful hearts. So simple. I love love love it.

I'll be dedicating one post a week up until Thanksgiving to the things I am grateful for and would love it if you want play along in the comments/on Facebook. Here's to recognizing how blessed we are and ushering in the Christmas season with a heart appropriately full of gratitude.

Originally posted 11/24/2010


  1. I know there is a dept store (Nordstrom, maybe?) that has a sign in the windows stating something like "We will not be putting our Christmas decor out until the day after Thanksgiving." Obviously, their CEO is a Thanksgiving-lover.

  2. Easy good cookies to not stress you out for the cookie exchange-- the recipe on the Ghirradeli chocolate chips. For real. It's good. Just sayin...something to be thankfor for.

  3. Great idea.

    (Although in the pinners defense, some of us need a two month window to get Christmas projects done, so they gotta start now - come December there's no time.)

    (But I still love Thanksgiving too - even with no family within a 20 hour radius)

  4. P.S. I never noticed how truly Americana this picture is--flag, turkey, hooded sweatshirt, bbq smoker, jeans, blonde, beer, fryer...Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. i love thanksgiving too :D just doing about what you like.


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