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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Possibly the Most Stressful Morning of Her Life Thus Far

Also known as "Family Pictures in a Pasture in 40 degree Weather at 8am Whilst Pregnant and Wearing High Heels "

At 6:45am she and her husband woke their slumbering children and dressed them like porcelein dolls. By 7:15am they were rolling down GA-400 at 20 miles an hour with the rest of northern Fulton County towards the city of Atlanta. At precisely 8:00am on the dot they pulled into the (dirt) drive that led to the polo fields (read: dirt) on the far side of town. The car thermostat read 45 degrees. She rolled up her trouser jeans and delicately stepped out into the icy air to retrieve both her children, a diaper bag and her beloved red velvet peep toe high heels.

A lens-laden photographer greeted them as they made their way down the long drive (read: damp dirt road) out to the polo field itself where half a dozen thoroughbreds trotted through the morning haze towards them as if to say hello.

"How lovely," she thought, "what an enchanted place for pictures."

Her first mistake was the optimism. This being her first ever photo shoot with her family, we will chalk this up to naivety. A heart full of optimism and a purse full of Teddy Grahams would have better suited the occasion.

Her second mistake was the red velvet peep toe high heels. Polo Fields is not a place for heels, high or low. Especially not when the ground is quite soft from last night's rain. Some nice flats would be worn on future occasions. 

Her third mistake was the cream-colored leggings she had foolishly dressed her 10 month old daughter in. Putting a crawler down at Polo Fields in cream-colored leggings guarantees leggings that are quickly streaked with red Georgia clay. She would now be holding her daughter all morning long. 

Her final mistake was telling the photographer she would be happy to climb down into the creek bed if it would make a nice shot. She seemed to have completely forgotten she was in fact, quite pregnant. And wearing red velvet peep toe high heels.

If however, in spite of her folly, you'd like to see how the photo shoot unfolded, please visit Alea Moore Photography.

Bless your heart Alea Moore. May she learn from her many mistakes in the future. 

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